CRISPR Services

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Inter Spaced Palindromic Repeats) is a type of immune system mechanism that bacteria and archaea use to protect their genomes from viruses. Within CRISPR sequences, there is a memory carrying the nucleic acids of invasive organism/s. As a foreign DNA enters into cell, it is compared to this CRISPR memory, if there is a match, invasive DNA is readily cleaved by Cas9 endonuclease under crRNAs guidance. Inspired from this phenomenon, scientists created a single guide RNA (sgRNA) by reshaping crRNAs that guide Cas9 endonuclease. Thus, it was possible to perform a targeted genome editing or gene knockout in any desired location of the genome. However, CRISPR system has some disadvantages. To overcome this, target-edit validation and off-target detection are a must.

In this regard, next generation sequencing (NGS) systems provide high precision target-edit validation and off-target detection with a reasonable price. CRISPR amplicon sequencing, in particular has become a standard validation/detection method in clinical, industrial and academic applications.

FicusBio offers following CRISPR-based genomic services with its experienced staff

  • Experimental design
  • sgRNA design
  • sgRNA cloning
  • sgRNA synthesis
  • sgRNA exogen application
  • CAS9, CPF1 and other endonucleases selection
  • Endonuclease cloning
  • Endonuclease exogenous application
  • CRISPR construct preparation
  • CRISPR application
  • CRISPR validation
  • off-target detection
  • Academic level report
  • High-quality visual presentation

CRISPR Services Schema

CRISPR Service Work Flow
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CRISPR Construct Preparation
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CRISPR Services