PCR and RT-PCR services
  • Efficient DNA extraction methods for various tissue types, suitable for both high and low throughput applications.

  • Adapting and validating customer-specific PCR protocols.

  • Conducting PCR and qPCR amplification in both high and low throughput modes, utilizing top-quality (RT-) PCR cyclers from Applied Biosystems™.

  • Offer high and low throughput PCR cleanup services, which can be enzymatic, magnetic, or column-based.

  • Perform PCR product analysis through high throughput multi-capillary gel electrophoresis.

  • Isolate PCR fragments from traditional gel electrophoresis.

  • Sequence PCR products using the ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer.

  • Conduct Quantitative Real-Time PCR on the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 3™ Real-Time PCR System.


  • Gene expression analyses

  • (mRNA, miRNA, IncRNA)

  • Gene quantification (Absolute, Relative)

  • Qualitative determination analyses (Absence/Presence)

  • HRM analyses (High Resolution Melting)

  • Genotyping analyses (SNP, Allelic Discrimination)

  • Copy number variation analyses (CNV)

  • Primer/Probe design and synthesis

  • Supply of mastermixes suitable for all kinds of Real-Time PCR applications

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