PCR Reagents

  • CarTaq DNA Polymerase

  • CarTaq HS DNA Polymerase

  • CarTaq PCR Kit

  • 2X CarHS PCR Mastermix

  • 2X CarPCR Mastermix

  • 2X CarSYBRGreen qPCR Mastermix

  • 2X CarProbe qPCR Mastermix

  • 2X CarPCR Hifi Mastermix

Nucleic Acid Reagents

  • CarPainless Gargle VTM Solution (Powder)

  • CarPainless Gargle VTM Solution

  • CarDNA/RNA Protector

  • CarViral RNA Extraction Solution

  • CarDNA/RNA Extraction Solution

  • FitoMicrobiom CompoFixer

  • CarNGS Purification Magnetic Bead

  • CarPCR Purification Magnetic Bead

  • CarSpin Bacterial Fecal/Soil DNA Isolation Kit

  • CarPure Bacterial/Fungal DNA Isolation Kit

  • CarPure Plant DNA Isolation Kit

  • CarPure Blood DNA Isolation Kit

  • CarPure Microbial DNA Isolation Kit

  • CarPure Tissue-Hair DNA Isolation Kit

  • CarPure RNA Isolation Kit

  • CarPure Viral RNA Isolation Kit

  • CarPure Gel & PCR Purification Kit

  • CarRNA Isolation Reagent

  • FitoMicrobiom DNA Isolation Kit

Ficus Biotechnology specializes in the development and manufacturing of cutting-edge kits for a wide range of applications, including diagnostics and research.

DNA Measurement Kits

  • Car-BR DNA Kit for Qubit measurement

  • Car-HS DNA Kit for Qubit measurementucts

Diagnostics RT-PCR Kits

  • CoviDetector SARS-CoV-2 qRT-PCR Kit

  • CoviDetector SARS-CoV-2 N501Y qRT-PCR Kit

  • CoviDetector SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant qRT-PCR Kit

  • CoviDetector SARS-CoV-2 N501Y/K417N qRT-PCR Kit

  • CoviDetector WINTER COV/FLU qRT-PCR Kit

  • Thrombophilia Real-Time PCR Screening Kit

  • SMA Real-Time PCR Detection Kit

cDNA Kits

  • CarScript cDNA Synthesis Kit

  • CarScript 1-Step RT PCR Kit

  • CarScript 1-Step SYBR qPCR Kit

  • CarScript 1-Step Probe qPCR Kit

Diagnostics LAMP Kits

  • Vibrio-LAMP Detection Kit (Colorimetric or Fluorometric)

  • LCDV-LAMP Detection Kit (Colorimetric or Fluorometric)

  • Pdb-LAMP Detection Kit (Colorimetric or Fluorometric)

  • AerHyd-LAMP Detection Kit (Colorimetric or Fluorometric)

  • BovCov-LAMP Detection Kit (Colorimetric or Fluorometric)

  • BovRot-LAMP Detection Kit (Colorimetric or Fluorometric)

  • CarLAMP DNA Master Mix (Colorimetric or Fluorometric)

  • CarLAMP RNA Master Mix (Colorimetric or Fluorometric)

NGS Library Kits

  • FitoMicrobiom PCR Kit Bacteria

  • FitoMicrobiom PCR Kit Fungus

  • FitoMicrobiom PCR Kit Eukaryote

  • FitoMicrobiom PCR Kit Archea